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Do you have employees or clients nearing retirement or Medicare eligibility? 

HIRA offers Medicare guidance at no cost!

Medicare works in conjunction with employer benefits to help cover healthcare costs. Employers can help by sharing Medicare resources to enable employees to make informed decisions. Let HIRA be your resource! 


We offer a range of education programs for employees, as well as ongoing assistance with enrollment and decision-making. 


We help employees understand: 

  • How Medicare works

  • When to enroll in Medicare

  • The things to focus on when choosing between the different Medicare options 

  • How company-provided health benefits may be affected by Medicare Enrollment

  • How Medicare affects a health savings account (HSA)

  • The difference between Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans

  • How to do a Part D review on the website

  • Examples of different Medicare Advantage plans (PPO / HMO / REBATE)

  • The things to focus on when choosing between the different options

Our team of dedicated, local agents is ready to assist your team with:

  • In-person meetings or seminars at your chosen location

  • In-house appointments or meetings

  • One-on-one assistance or group education


Give us a call at 352.735.7795 or message us today if we can assist your employees with "Making Medicare Easy!"

Our team of agents is here to make Medicare easy!

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