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My Love for Strength Training

Strength Training Then

I started lifting weights in high school, to get out of band class. Though I'd always loved music, it turned out that I didn’t love being in high school band!

One of the only alternative classes at that time was weightlifting class, so I enrolled. I was the only girl in that class, and it was taught by a football coach, Coach Harris. I loved Coach Harris. He trained me just like he trained the guys--no special “girl” exercises. I ended up staying in that class my Junior and Senior year, and I fell in love with the gym.

Strength Training Now

Being at the gym is my “me time." I am focused on myself, with no distractions, and on being the best I can be physically. It's my personal form of meditation.

When I am weight lifting or strength training, I am dialed in to achieving the goals that I set for myself. I am my own cheerleader, saying things like, “You are strong. You got this!” Each time I achieve the goals I set, I gain confidence and a feeling of empowerment.

Pushing and pulling heavy weights is an emotional stress reliever. I never leave the gym mad or upset, because everything is left on the gym room floor. Going to the gym has saved my mental health countless times in my life. For me, the routine of exercise, especially in strength training, helps me process emotions and think more clearly. Strength training keeps me mentally strong and able to deal with any challenges that surface.

I am convinced that finding something physical that you love to do is invaluable.

What physical activity do you do to benefit your mind and body?

Meet Lara Buford, an Agent here at HIRA.

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